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Wireless Condition Monitoring Solutions with Advanced Technology

An Integral Component of the Industrial IoT Ecosystem

Condition Monitoring Solutions Technology Schematic

Reliability Solutions with Actionable Intelligence

Providing the condition monitoring solutions tools and technology to monitor machinery and diagnose problems so that our customers receive valuable, actionable intelligence.

Products and Innovation

Embracing the advancement of condition monitoring technology with superior sensor sensitivity, data intelligence, and software with forward-thinking innovators. We are focused on producing next-generation machine health and condition monitoring solutions. As a result, we are able to provide our clients with the best performing condition monitoring solutions and technology in the industry.

Superior Sensor Technology

Powerful Sensor Technology in a Small Package

Our wireless devices house superior features and functionality to help increase uptime and improve machine health.


Temperature reading and triaxial vibration in one sensor.


Piezoelectric accelerometer with a wide frequency range and high sensitivity.


Ultrasonic sensor, piezoelectric accelerometer, and temperature sensor in one small form.

Condition Monitoring Solutions Wireless Triaxial Vibration Sensor Technology
Triaxial Vibration

Wireless triaxial vibration sensor and temperature reading in one device.

Unplanned Downtime is Significant in Cost

Further evidence, as identified by industry captured data, shows that unplanned downtime is responsible for 3 to 5% of lost production. In return, this costs businesses 2 to 5x more than planned downtime.


The MistLX unit is an advanced wireless monitor that integrates a piezoelectric accelerometer, an ultrasonic sensor, and temperature sensor into a small form factor battery-powered housing.


The StormX unit is a powerful self-contained, battery-operated sensor that provides triaxial vibration readings, as well as a temperature reading.


The TS1X-Brick unit is an advanced wireless monitoring device supporting a wide variety of analog inputs, capable of sampling 7 channels of analog data.

Worldview Software

A key component to the condition monitoring solutions package.

The ultimate power behind your data. Worldview software combines the best features from across all the conditioning monitoring worlds to provide real-time information on your equipment.

Custom Data Integration

For a more robust approach to machine health, we add to the power of our cutting-edge software with custom data integration — allowing you to take your data to the next level.

Condition Monitoring Solutions Software Screenshot

Turnkey Wireless Condition Monitoring Solution

Design condition monitoring solutions for your business

We don’t make you fit our mold — we custom-design the solution that works best for you and your environment.

install - how it works

Our expert team will install Uptime’s state-of-the-art wireless monitoring sensors to your industrial machinery or we can provide you with the tools to self-install.

connect 2 - how it works

Our flexible architecture allows you to connect wirelessly to the Cloud or via on-premise direct access.

monitor - how it works

Human capital is a key differentiator in condition monitoring success. We house best-in-class reliability experts and vibration analysts for excellence in diagnostics.

alert - how it works

Advanced automated alerts identifying maintenance priorities of equipment that require attention.

Data Integration

We offer custom-designed plugins that integrate with third-party platforms, providing you with seamless connections to the tools you use today and tomorrow.


Demo our turnkey condition monitoring solutions technology.
See Uptime Solutions live and in action for your industry, at your convenience.

Equating Condition Monitoring to Monitoring the Health of the Human Body

Some people equate Condition Monitoring to the way we monitor the condition of the human body. We use blood tests, blood pressure, body temperature and other activities to know our condition from a health perspective.


In a similar way, Condition Monitoring can be defined as different methods that are used to measure the status of critical machinery components, particularly with rotating machinery. For example, Condition Monitoring will look at vibrations, temperature, and oil condition to identify any conditions that could indicate a problem. At the same time, this information is used to track irregularities that could eventually lead to operational failure. Condition Monitoring helps to prolong the life of equipment through regular maintenance and preventative repairs. Small issues can be taken care of quickly before they have the opportunity to become bigger, more expensive problems.

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance is the most costly type of maintenance. Oftentimes, businesses will adopt this approach with the expectation that the costs associated with downtime and repairs will not exceed the cost required to invest in an ongoing maintenance practice. This can be a risky approach, especially when you consider that in 2016, the average cost of downtime across all businesses was $260,000 per hour. That was a 60% jump from 2014. One can only assume that there have also been significant jumps in more recent years. Condition Monitoring can reduce the amount of reactive maintenance that is performed thereby reducing overall operating costs and downtime losses.

Preventive Maintenance

Condition Monitoring can provide information so that time based activities can be optimized. Think of preventative maintenance as taking your car in every three months for an oil change. Maintenance is being performed as you do your part to prevent major engine problems, but you may also be missing other signs of emerging problems in between visits.

Predictive Maintenance

The only way to understand what the failure modes are and how fast they are progressing is to monitor various parameters on the machine with Condition Monitoring. With this approach, maintenance is only performed when needed and operators have a clear understanding of machine health based on vital indicators.

Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

True predictive maintenance happens when intelligence is captured over long periods of time from your machinery. Data is collected, intel is captured, and over time, AI (Artificial Intelligence) steps into the predictive maintenance process to begin providing alerts and notifications predicting when maintenance should occur to eliminate failure and downtime.


Ultimately Condition Monitoring is able to automate predictive maintenance in a way that relies heavily upon excellence in data capture and analysis. The human asset will play a critical role in developing the pattern of greatness in monitoring analysis for the effective evolution of predictive maintenance.


Demo our turnkey condition monitoring solutions technology.
See Uptime Solutions live and in action for your industry, at your convenience.