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Advanced Condition Monitoring Technology

A Complete Turnkey Solution

Enabling Technology That Impacts Your Bottom Line

Embracing the advancement of wireless condition monitoring technology with superior sensor sensitivity, data intelligence, and software with forward-thinking innovators. We are focused on producing next-generation machine health and condition monitoring solutions.

Designed with a Secure and Flexible Architecture

Cloud or On-Premise Direct Access

Designed with your needs in mind. Our flexible architecture allows you to connect wirelessly to the Cloud or via on-premise direct access.

Uptime Wireless Condition Monitoring Products


The MistLX unit is an advanced wireless monitor that integrates a piezoelectric accelerometer, an ultrasonic sensor, and temperature sensor into a small form factor battery-powered housing.


The StormX unit is a powerful self-contained, battery-operated sensor that provides triaxial vibration readings, as well as a temperature reading.


The TS1X-Brick unit is an advanced wireless monitoring device supporting a wide variety of analog inputs, capable of sampling 7 channels of analog data.

Condition Monitoring Software

WorldView Software

The ultimate power behind your data. WorldView software combines the best features from across all the conditioning monitoring worlds to provide actionable intelligence on your equipment.

Custom Data Integration

For a more robust approach to machine health, we add to the power of our cutting-edge software with custom data integration — allowing you to take your data to the next level.

Condition Monitoring Solutions Software Screenshot

Condition Monitoring Services

Our Human Capital: A Key Differentiator

With best-in-class reliability experts and vibration analysts, our human capital is a key differentiator for condition monitoring success.


Our monitoring analysts collectively hold more than 200 years of experience, spanning most relative industries and just about every experience imaginable. We know that fixing issues once they’ve occurred is exponentially more costly. With our team of professional analysts, we help to significantly reduce unplanned downtime. Uptime means more.


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